Foothill Fibers Guild ... Spinning, weaving, knitting, and
other fiber-related arts.

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About the Guild

The Guild was founded in 1980 by fiber arts lovers to provide a way to share skills and find friendship. It serves the Sierra foothills. Bylaws are here.

The Board
FFG board members are elected each year. They meet monthly, with a summer hiatus, to discuss guild business. All members are welcome at board meetings and are encouraged to hold a board office. Help is available to learn each office's responsibilities.

Officers for the 2017-2018 fiscal year were elected at the May meeting. They are:

  • President—Lindsey Cleveland
  • Program Chair—Karen Wcislo
  • Treasurer—Becky Alejandre
  • Secretary/Newsletter Editor—Diana Abrell
  • Membership Chair—Ingrid Knox
  • Publicity - Vacant
  • Librarian—Sue Robertson
  • CNCH Liaison—Jane Milner
  • Outreach Chair—Shan Kendall
  • Webmaster—Susan Prince
  • County Fair Chair—Mardi Naythons
blue line
  • President:
    • Preside over monthly membership meetings & facilitate meetings.
    • Be responsible for the community room key (opening up for meetings and closing).
    • Reserve the community room for the year.
    • Call and preside over board meetings.
    • Facilitate the creation of nominating committee to prepare a slate of officers and any other necessary committees as well as to make all committee appointments.
  • Program Chair:
      In conjunction with program committee:
    • Arrange programs for the guild's program year – January to January. No programs July and August.
    • Coordinate all communication with presenters
    • Set up room for presenter, greet and introduce
    • Stay within the designated program budget
    • Adhere to the FFG mission to promote interest and inspiration in fiber arts, and provide programs that cover a variety of fiber arts
    • Assist Board with June picnic, September kickoff meeting, December Holiday party
  • Program Committee:
      The Committee is ideally comprised of 4-6 members serving 1-2 year terms. Two or three persons rotate off the committee each year, leaving a minimum of 2, maximum of 3 people, continuing to serve the second year. Responsibilities:
    • Elect a chair of the committee to represent the Program Committee on the Board.
    • Plan evening programs from January to January each year.
    • Store/house/bring the projector to the guild meetings
    • Coordinate workshops and recruit assistance from other guild members to produce the workshops (workshop being events other than the evening programs at monthly meetings).
  • Newsletter Editor/Secretary:
    • Write and distribute bimonthly newsletter.
    • Maintain necessary guild correspondence.
    • Take notes, write, and maintain minutes of Board Meetings.
  • Membership Chair:
    • Maintain the Membership Roster
    • Communicate Membership information to appropriate Board members
    • Make changes to the membership of the Guild's Yahoo! Group and private Facebook page.
      Communicate with new members
  • Outreach Coordinator
    • Lists outreach activities, with details, for guild members have supported in the past, and new requests.
    • Provides support for outreach activities.
    • Coordinates volunteer visits to local schools.
  • Treasurer:
    • Maintain the membership roster
    • Share membership information with appropriate Board members
    • Make changes to the membership of the Guild's Yahoo! Group and private Facebook page.
    • Communicate with new members
  • Publicity Chair:
    Publicize meetings and special guild events in the local newspaper and radio; guild informational materials preparation and distribution.
  • Librarian:
    • Maintain and house the guild library consisting of books, tapes, CDs, DVD, and equipment.
    • Maintain a check-out log reflecting which items have been checked-out by whom, the date, title and date returned for each item.
    • Collect deposit checks from members checking out guild equipment.
    • Maintain a current list of holdings and ensure that it is published on the guild web site and Yahoo site.
    • Periodically review the holdings and, with board members, decide which items can be removed in order to make room for new books, etc. Original donors, if known, should be contacted prior to item disposition.
  • CNCH Liaison:
    • Attend CNCH meetings and provide annual guild membership information to CNCH administration
    • Responsible for notifying CNCH administration about workshops or guild activities when not being held at the regular meeting place (Nevada County Library). Notification of the event shall be made to CNCH two weeks in advance for insurance purposes
  • Web Site Editor:
    Maintain the guild web site.
  • County Fair Chair:
    • Be liaison to Nevada County Fair Staff
    • Solicit volunteers for fair setup, daily shifts, and break-down.

Annual dues are $35 per individual and $15 for members under 18. If you would like to join the Guild, email the FFG Web Manager and put "Guild" in the subject, or print and complete the member application and mail it, with your membership check, to the address on the form. Membership application.