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Guild Bylaws, Updated January 2014

Mission Statement

Foothill Fibers Guild of Nevada County, California was formed in 1980. We are made up of weavers, spinners, basket weavers, knitters and other fiber artists who use primarily natural fibers. Some members raise sheep, alpaca, angora rabbits or angora goats for the fleece which they spin and dye for their projects. Our main objectives are to promote greater interest in the fiber arts, to exchange ideas and act as sources of inspiration for each other.

Our guild is a member of the Conference of Northern California Handweavers, CNCH.

As a guild we are available for fair demonstrations and may honor other requests. The guild publishes a bi-monthly newsletter which is distributed to the membership.


The requirement for membership in the guild is the payment of annual dues.


The guild’s fiscal year will be from July 1 to June 30 each year.

Annual dues are currently $35.00 for an individual membership; $15.00 for junior member under 18. All dues are payable on July 1. New members who join between July and December will pay full dues; after January, they will pay ½ dues. Previous members renewing at any time will pay full dues. Changes in dues charged must be voted by the membership at a guild meeting.

A family membership is defined as one or two adults and their children. Junior members are defined as individuals between the ages of 8 and 17 years. Junior members between 8 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult at guild meetings and activities.

Gift Membership

A gift membership may be presented to a person in financial need who is interested in the guild and willing to help. This gift must be approved by the Board and will be held to be confidential.

Use of Funds

Guild funds from membership dues will be used for the surcharge set by CNCH, programs, room rental, the newsletter, publicity and other necessary routine expenses.

The library is funded through raffles, donations and special fundraising projects.

Expenditures up to $150.00 may be made at the discretion of the Board, funds permitting. Expenditures over that amount will be voted by the membership at a guild meeting.


Meetings will be held monthly, except July and August. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Nevada County Library community room starting at 7:00 P.M., with the doors opening at 6:30 P.M. for socializing. The December and June meetings will be social occasions.

All matters voted on by the members at any membership meeting shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the members attending for approval.


Guests are welcome to attend one meeting free, and then may join if they desire. Guests who attend additional meetings will pay a $4.00 fee for each meeting attended.

A newsletter will be published bi-monthly and distributed to members wishing a hard copy.

Workshops & Special Events

1. Workshops and special events may be planned at any time by any member of the guild, with membership approval. Scheduling will be coordinated with the Vice-President/Program Chair. Insurance must be requested for the event at least two weeks in advance of the event from CNCH. At the time the workshop is scheduled, there will be a nonrefundable deposit collected from those interested in participating. The remainder of the fee will be due on a specified date. There will be a cut-off date after which no refund will be made for an individual cancelling.

2. Workshops need to be self-supporting, and therefore will be cancelled when a lack of sufficient participation occurs. A full refund will be made if this should occur or if the workshop is cancelled by the speaker.

3. A lottery system will be used when more participants that the maximum limit, set by the speaker, want to attend. All interested members will put their name in a hat and the limit will be drawn. A waiting list will be maintained for filled workshops. If an individual cannot attend, it will be that member’s responsibility to find a replacement, starting with the waiting list.

4. If the maximum limit for the workshop is not filled by guild members, it may be open to the public with non-members being charged a higher fee. Non-members will be encouraged to join the guild to receive the reduced member workshop fee.

5. Fees for workshops will be determined per workshop based on the cost of that workshop. Any profit at the close of a workshop will go into the guild general fund.

6. One workshop participant will take responsibility as chairperson and will organize the workshop. They will work with and report to the Vice President/Program Chair.

Officers & Their Duties

Officers will be elected annually at the May meeting. Their terms of office will begin after the June meeting. The Officers compose the Board and they shall meet as the Board whenever a meeting is called by the President. Officers consist of:


  • Preside over monthly membership meetings
    • Facilitate meetings
    • Be responsible for the community room key (opening up for meetings and closing)
    • Reserve the community room for the year
  • Call and preside over board meetings
  • Facilitate the creation of nominating committee to prepare a slate of officers and any other necessary committees as well as to make all committee appointments.

Vice President/Program Chair:

  • Responsible for making arrangements for monthly meeting programs
  • Take over duties of the President when President is unavailable
  • Arrange for refreshments (drinks and snacks) for the Christmas party and drinks for the picnic

Newsletter Editor/Secretary:

  • Write and distribute bi-monthly newsletter
  • Maintain necessary guild correspondence
  • Take note or minutes at board meetings and publish in the newsletter


  • Manage all guild funds and provide monthly reports in the newsletter and at meetings
  • Maintain membership roster and inform the CNCH Liaison and Newsletter Editor/Secretary
  • Arrange for an annual audit of guild funds

Publicity Chair :

  • Publicize meetings and special guild events in the local newspaper and radio

Librarian :

  • Maintain and house the guild library consisting of books, tapes, CDs and DVDs.
  • Maintain a check-out log reflecting which items have been checked-out by whom, the date, title and date returned for each item
  • Collect deposit checks from members checking out guild equipment
  • Maintain a current list of holdings and ensure that it is published on the guild web site and Yahoo site
  • Periodically go through the holdings and, along with board members, decide which items can be culled in order to make room for new books, etc. Original donors should be contacted prior to disposition CNCH Liaison:
  • Attend CNCH meetings and provide annual guild membership information to CNCH administration
  • Responsible for notifying CNCH administration about workshops or guild activities when not being held at the regular meeting place (Nevada County Library). Notification of the event shall be made to CNCH two weeks in advance for insurance purposes

Web Site Editor:

  • Maintain the guild web site
  • Will list classified ads on a space available basis for 6 months free of charge. Thereafter, the fee will be $10.00 for the next 6 months. This does not pertain to business ads which will be decided upon by the board as situations occur.

Triangle Loom Coordinator :

  • Manages the loan of the triangle loom and corresponding deposits and records

By-Law Amendments

Any amendments to the guild’s By-Laws shall be voted by the membership.