Accidental Costumer

With her dual loves of sewing and playing dress up, Jill Kelly stumbled along after her bliss into a serendipitous career as a costumer.  For the first ten years, she did mostly historical costuming, making hats and costumes for Renaissance Faires in California and Texas, while living here in Nevada County.

After receiving a commission for hats to be worn on the floats at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, she realized her hats were having more fun than she was, so she moved to the French Quarter.  There she discovered new dimensions to gaudy and spent ten years aiding and abetting hordes of merrymakers in their costumed revelry.

 True love and economic practicality landed her in Las Vegas, of all places, where she labored in the rhinestone mines and back stages on the Strip. As part of production crews, she worked on mind bogglingly sparkly concoctions of sequins, stone and feathers.

In 2012, she was blessedly able to return to Nevada County.  The thriving theatre community welcomed her into the fold as a costume designer for Miss Saigon, Peter Pan, White Snake, Little Shop of Horrors and MakeBelieve,among others.

The presentation will feature lots of visuals and some samples. We’ll explore the different aspects of these types of costumes and where to find inspiration. We’ll cover techniques on how to achieve results using readily available materials and how to incorporate safety and comfort into looking fabulous.  Bring your own designs and questions.