Member’s Showcase

Welcome to a gallery of WIPs (Works in Progress) and FOs (Finished Objects)!

This gallery will change when new WIPs and FOs are submitted by members of the FFG. Stay tuned to see what inspiring fiber projects our members are creating!

November 12, 2019

Submitted by Ingrid Knox

“Different warps with the same design, Turned Taquete in 10/2 cotton at 30 EPI”
























September 30, 2019

Submitted by Mardi Naythons

“Eight shaft straight draw twill structures with 6/2 cotton yarn for towels.”

September 27, 2019

Submitted by Paulette Berquist

“Handspun yarn dyed by Lindsey Cleveland and spun into a gradient. Lindsey helped me dye the colors in the color work section and may sister helped me pick the colors for that.”

August 29, 2019

Submitted by Mary Prassinos

“I finished weaving ten napkins and two tea towels with 8/2 cottolin.”

Submitted by Donna Johnson

“The handwoven gifts for our Swedish cousins were well received. They join a collection of handwovens dating from the last half of the nineteenth century in the family farm house. The towels are the Cinnamon Toast draft from Yarnbarn (16/2 Cotton from Lone Star Loom Room and Bockens Linen; a crackle draft) and the table runner is a draft from Gist (linen warp and linen/cotton weft; a huck lace).”
















August 28, 2019

Submitted by Diane Christ

“I’ve been weaving bands using the ancient technique of backstrap weaving taught to us by the remarkable Laverne Waddington. I designed this fish-themed hatband combining several patterns in one of Laverne’s published Andean Pebble weave pattern books. I wove it during a recent road trip to Alaska. it was initiated there, on the Chena River, when I finished it on my husband’s birthday.


“I began to weave this piece on a road trip when I realized that I did not have a pattern with me so I created a piece of graph paper and charted a simple design incorporating Andean Pebble Weave. It’s intended purpose is the top band on an Adirondack Backpack that i wove in Jane Milner’s class. No, I am not replacing the black bands on the pack with backstrap woven ones – I have a new project in mind for my next effort.”


August 27, 2019

Submitted by Ingrid Knox

“This is the shawl I wove for Nevada County Inspiration. I used Madeline Tosh yarn: Tosh Sock in Ginger for the warp and Twist Light in Stephen Love Tosh for the weft. It is threaded as an extended point twill on 8 shafts. The tie up is a 2-2-1-1-1-1 twill.”

June 29, 2019

Submitted by Esther Collins:

“Here is a shawl I just completed.  I over dyed a solid lavender colored 220 SuperWash. And had to finish with a purple colored SuperWash.  All from stash!!  The recipient is a 92 year old friend now in a convalescent home. I had worn my first handspun shawl on a visit, and she was loving on it, I didn’t want to give it away since it was my first. So I made this. I also made a name tag, should she forget it in the dining room, they will know whose it is.”

June 27, 2019

Submitted by Debbie Scott. Loom basket from a recent workshop


June 18, 2019

Submitted by Ingrid Knox. 10/2 cotton for a towel in Turned Taquete


Submitted by Stephanie Levings (top) and Donna Johnson (bottom). Baskets for loom benches from the class with Jane Milner