The Guild in 2020

What does the Guild mean to you in 2020? What is your vision for the Guild moving forward?

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Contributed by Donna Johnson:

I enjoyed the community of knitting that Meadowfarm Yarn Studio created in Nevada County and, as a knitter, that is where I focused my passion for fiber arts. When I began the common journey from knitter to spinner, I found a connection to Foothill Fibers Guild. Initially, I told myself I wasn’t good enough to be a member of a fiber guild. After all, I was just learning how to spin! Gradually, enough knitters I knew convinced me otherwise and I joined the Guild. And that is when the learning really began. It was late 2009 or early 2010. Today, I am so appreciative of the opportunity to meet with others equally passionate about fiber arts and I’m grateful for all the learning opportunities, from monthly programs and periodic workshops, to informal gatherings for knitting and spinning, and meeting with others who are also passionately engaged in weaving. After all, it was a tapestry weaving workshop hosted by the Guild that got me to floor loom weaving, even if it was a circuitous route.

In my future vision for the Guild we have a vibrant, mixed age community with a permanent physical location that houses meetings, workshops, library, equipment, gallery, and sales. While I’m dreaming, how about a community draw loom? Maybe we start with a shared studio that includes a draw loom. Why not dream big, right? As a first step, I look forward to celebrating the Guild’s 40th Anniversary, building on the energy that began this Guild, and transforming it into whatever it can become in the 21st century.

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