2020 Guild Challenge

2020/40th Anniversary Guild Challenge

Create something inspired by a photograph. It can be a photo you took, a photo you have permission to post on a website, a page from a calendar, or it can be a photo of a depiction of a work of art, such as a post card sold by an art museum that features a work of art.

Knit, spin, weave, felt, crochet, weave a basket, dye fiber, blend fiber, create wearable art, or color the wool of a fiber animal you are raising. Submit as many items as you like.

To submit an item, you must submit a digital photograph that inspired you. If you did not take the photo and do not have a digital copy, you can take a photo of the picture that inspired you. You can email a photo or attach it to a Guild Message email. If you need help with submitting a digital photo, please let us know! Photos should be submitted to Donna Johnson at web@foothillfibersguild.org. When you attach your photo, attach as large a copy as you can. Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions about how to submit a photo. Given the uncertainty of meeting in person, submit photos of your finished object(s) for a slide show that will be presented via Zoom or in person.

All photos must be in no later than Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Mardi Naythons will be creating something based on this photo

Jeanne Doty will be weaving something based on this photo and these yarns

Donna Johnson will be weaving a scarf based on this photo and yarn.

Mary Prassinos will be weaving something based on this photo and yarn.










Challenge committee member Jane Milner will be creating a basket based on this photo from a calendar.
















To get you started, here are some examples:

Ingrid Knox wove towels based on this photo (not a submission to the Challenge; presented as an example)
















Donna Johnson blended fiber and spun a yarn based on a photo she took in Kauai (not a submission to the challenge; presented as an example).









What will you do for the 2020/Anniversary Challenge?

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