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Easter Egg Basket

Guild member Jane Milner will teach on Wednesday, February 26 or Saturday, February 29 with a Finish Your Basket Day (FYBD) on Sunday, March 1. This is a rib-style basket with a hoop and a rectangular hoop/handle. Great basket to gather Easter eggs! Choices in dyed and undyed flat reed, round reed and seagrass and some dyed sisal. More details and photos coming.

Star Quilt Pattern Basket

Guild member Jane Milner will teach on Wednesday, March 18 or Saturday March 21 with a finish your basket day on Sunday, March 22. this is a painted basket with a gorgeous twill pattern with a quatrefoil twill weave with 3/16″ flat oval on the sides. More details and photos coming.

Recent Basketry Workshops Taught by Jane Milner:

Round Reed Bread Basket

This is a heavier round reed Bread Basket. Choice of accent color and natural reed. This basket is great for gifts!  The basket was designed by Lynne Schlichting who has granted permission to teach the design.


Williamsburg Handled Market Basket with Braided Border

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