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When safe to do so, we will resume in-person workshops. Until then, check back for Zoom workshops.


January 30, 2021 via Zoom

Brioche Knitting with Suzanne Bryan!

After speaking to our Guild on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 on Brioche knitting, Suzanne presented a workshop, via Zoom.

This two hour workshop will teach you: Single and two color brioche, Brioche flat and in the round, Increases and decreases. The class project was simple but contained the necessary skills.

Suzanne presented an excellent beginning brioche workshop and it was enjoyed by all, with students seen to be working hard!

Pre-Pandemic Basketry Workshops Taught by Jane Milner:
Easter Egg Hunting Basket: 

A rib style basket with 8 inch round hoop for the rim and 8×12 inch rectangular hoop for the handle, many color choices available.








Round Reed Bread Basket

This is a heavier round reed Bread Basket. Choice of accent color and natural reed. This basket is great for gifts!  The basket was designed by Lynne Schlichting who has granted permission to teach the design.


Williamsburg Handled Market Basket with Braided Border

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