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Due to the ongoing pandemic, Foothill Fibers Guild is meeting via Zoom and in-person gatherings have been suspended until it is safe to do so. Members receive Zoom connection links.

Programs are generally held the fourth Tuesday of the month January through May and September through November at the Community Room at the Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City. Doors open at 6:15 PM and a brief business meeting begins at 6:45 PM. The featured program begins about 7:00PM.

In June we have our annual picnic and tailgate sale, in July and August we are busy with the Nevada County Fair, and in December we hold an annual holiday pot luck gathering.

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January 26, 2021: Suzanne Bryan on Brioche Knitting 

Suzanne Bryan is a TKGA Master Hand Knitter, knitting designer and excellent knitting instructor, with hundreds of YouTube videos covering all aspects of knitting at her channel Knitting with Suzanne Bryan, from beginning to advanced. She will be demonstrating single and two color brioche flat and in the round, syncopated, increases and decreases, and Italian cast on and bind off.  All in one hour!


February 23, 2021: Robyn Spady on Weaving TNT: Dynamite Tips ‘n Technique for Every Weaver

        Robyn is a dynamic weaving instructor, who has been weaving for over 50 years, and received her HGA Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving in 2004. She is also the founder and editor of Heddlecraft magazine. 

Her program description says it all:

Would you like to learn a great method for repairing a broken warp end, tracking your treadling while you weave, making your own repair heddles, or just make weaving easier and more pleasurable?  This gizmo and gadget centric presentation looks and feels like an interactive show-and-tell and will introduce over 36 offbeat tools, techniques, or tricks to assist weavers in all phases of weaving. See if you can figure out how the object in the photo, below, can be used to make your weaving easier!

She will provide a written summary after the program, so no need to take notes! 

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Virtual Fair Exhibition Tuesday, August 25, 2020  6:30 PM








Our first ever virtual fair was a success! Over 20 members joined via Zoom

and enjoyed the slide show put together by Mary Prassinos. There were 90 entries from 17 individuals. A total of 20 votes were cast for the People’s Choice Award

You can view all of these entries in our Member’s Showcase.  Fair Entries in Member’s Showcase

June 2020 Annual Picnic via Zoom

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2019 FFG Events 

Recent Programs

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 6:30 PM via Zoom:
FFG Holiday Party!
Join us for fun, laughter, Show and Tell slide show, and FIBER BINGO! PLUS:
We kick off our 2021 Fiber Challenge.  See the Newsletter for details.



A good time was had by all who attended as we enjoyed a slide show “Guild Gallery” featuring members’ show and tell and we played Fiber Bingo, led by Ingrid Knox

November 24, 2020 via Zoom:

Eno Jonah discussed Heritage and Symbolism in Nigerian Textiles

Nzuri Textiles founder and textile designer Eno Jonah has a life long love for carefully made textiles. Her passion is hand- made and original – including both vintage and modern. She finds inspiration from many sources. She believes that each piece should tell a story. A beautiful textile uses the finest materials and craftsmanship. The designs should be unique, original, timeless and versatile. These are the standards behind Nzuri’s textiles for home decor and accessories.

Eno grew up in Nigeria, a country rich in diverse cultures and skilled artisans. Nigerian textile traditions date back hundreds of years. These beautiful textiles are still painstakingly hand crafted by master weavers using traditional looms and time- honored techniques. These define the highest quality of African textiles.

Eno has studied many of the fine textiles that are produced throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere. She lived in Uganda for many years and has traveled extensively in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.This gave her the opportunity to learn first hand about the beauty and cultural importance of textiles in other parts of the world. It also led to her establishing relationships with incredible weavers and to source some of the finest workshops in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Eno has a degree in culture and development from Indiana University. She resides in Nevada City in the Sierra foothills of Northern California

November 10, 2020 via Zoom (This meeting was rescheduled due to PG&E power outage)

Kimberlee Brown discussed Mountainscapes in Layered Hand-painted Fabrics

Kimberlee presents her technique developed over many years as an artist to produce the mountainscapes she is known for today. On her website she says: “You could say a photographer takes reality and strives to make it more abstract or surreal, and that I take abstracts (my fabrics) and try to make them look more realistic. Either way, you end up with art.”

“I compose these artworks using layers of my own hand painted fabrics, each artwork evolving spontaneously as I cut and experiment. Whether I’m painting or composing, I never know what I’m going to end up with. The layers are then either hand stitched, or fused together using an acrylic medium and heat. Although I have been an artist my entire life, it was during the last 20 years that I developed this particular art form, starting small with commercial fabrics, then learning to paint fabric, plus a lot of experimenting! I had no idea I would end up doing what I do today. But as I look back on my life, I can see the natural progression that led me to this – learning to sew at a young age, trips into the wilderness with my father, painting, photography, a love of nature. It all eventually led me to these mountainscapes. For me, they are adventures, and they give me a feeling of peace and solitude, something I have sought all my life.”





Tuesday, September 22, 2020 via Zoom

40th Anniversary Guild Challenge Slide Show

Ten members submitted entries to the Guild Challenge.

Browse the inspirational photos and the finished objects at the following link 2020 Guild Challenge

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 via Zoom

Master Knitter Celia McAdam Cahill discussed how to evaluate and select a sweater pattern that works for you – a good fit and a fun knit.  

McAdam Cahill is a lifelong knitter who became more serious about the calling by becoming a The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) Master Hand Knitter in 2011.  Her resume now includes serving on the TKGA Board of Directors as Vice President of On Site Education, judging the California State Fair knitting competition, and teaching intermediate and advanced technique classes at local yarn shops and at TKGA events.  Her knitwear designs are regularly featured in Cast On Magazine, and she is a frequent contributor of articles on techniques and yarn reviews.













Tuesday, April 28, 2020: We held our first Zoom meeting with a member’s show and tell

Tuesday, February 25, 2020: Keith Smith discussed The World of Batik

What is batik? Keith Smith is a fiber artist and batik expert from Auburn, California, who gave a brief history of batik and discussed tools, materials and techniques for its creation. In modern times, batik art and textiles are still being produced in many parts of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. Keith talked about how he uses the traditional techniques and tools of Indonesian Batik to create contemporary and abstract effects, and showed examples of his own work as well as that of other local artists. He will also share examples of batik from Bali and Java.
Says Keith, “The cauldron of wax reminds me of the foul smelling concoctions I used to cook up in my past life as an organic chemist. Since then I have avidly collected tjaps, had some custom made in Indonesia, and have gradually improved my skills in the use of wax, tjaps and dye to create bold, colorful designs.”’

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