Weaving Resources

Weaving Resources

Project Management

Ingrid Knox:  Weaving Project Calculation spreadsheet
Robyn Spady:  TNT handout for guild members only.
Jane Stafford:  Master Sett Chart, Reed Substitution Chart

Software and Apps

Fiberworks PCW:  free and pay versions
iWeaveIt app

Online and Self-Guided Classes

Jane Stafford:  Virtual Guild
Brenda Gibson:  online course – Colour Handling in Fiberworks
Robyn Spady:  An Introduction to Weaving Software

Recommended Publications

…and many wonderful books in the guild library

Technique Tips

Ingrid’s Tubular / Doubleweave Selvage  A simple version of the doubleweave selvage on 4 shafts.  In this example, you have 2 sets of threads on shafts 5-8 on both sides of your warp.  (This is only showing one side.)  If you were doing a plain weave piece, you could use shafts 1 and 2 for the plain weave and shafts 3-6 for the selvedge.

Ingrid’s Doubleweave Hem.  The link is to a draft for a scarf, woven in 2/2 twill that has a doubleweave hem.  In this draft, the right hand four treadles control the hem and the weft threads are colored maroon.  Although this example is on 8 shafts, it should work with 4 – just “remove” the 5-8 shafts. You will still need 8 treadles. The hem is woven as two layers up to the point when the regular 2/2 twill starts.  That is woven as one layer.  After finishing, the doubleweave portion is folded in on itself and the folded edges are sewn together.  I believe I wove it so that the doubleweave portion was a vertical tube.

Weaving Design Tool Links